We at ESBEE have always catered to the needs of our students and our services have been a guiding light to their long cherished dreams of flying high in field of academics. Our professional and straightforward approach in understanding their needs and giving them the best solutions is our key forte. Our aim has been to be the leaders in Consultancy Services and the success rate has made us what we are today… The Best.

  • Motivation: We believe in motivating a student based on his Aptitude and Capability, to choose the right career option and by educating him about the possible paths. Setting them the parameters for GRE / GMAT / SAT and TOEFL / IELTS tests.

  • Guidance: Guiding the students in selecting the programs and Universities/Schools compatible to their academic grades, qualifying test scores and financial limits.

  • Counseling: Our counseling necessarily involves the Parent / Guardian, along with the student which often brings out the best support to the aspiring student.

  • Applications: For various reasons the students are unable to apply to the universities directly. Here comes our professional help in meticulously filling up the required details – both online and paper applications.

  • Follow-up: Personal follow-up either by mail, email, phone, fax etc., is duly taken care until a clear communication is received from the University/School.

  • VISA counseling: By virtue of our experience, every student is guided aptly for the Visa procedure.

  • Pre-departure Orientation: Includes advice on Foreign Exchange, Medicals like Immunization, Insurance, Travel tips to the first time International Travelers etc.

  • Sharing the Success: By now a strong bondage would have already been established erasing the line of consultant-client relationship. The most satisfying and rewarding moments are those when each student visit and revisit us sharing their success stories. More and more aspiring students are referred to Esbee with the same confidence and trust in us. We are ready for the journey, along with the new students. They cycle goes on………

  • Ethical, transparent business practice with a professional approach: We value this most being the essence of success, stronger human bondage has been achieved by ethical and transparent business practices and the professional approach has brought in a lot of trust and faith in the Organization.

 We are proud to Realize every student’s DREAM and help them to transform it into a Reality!