After being suggested by Somanath Krishnaswamy, ESBEE Global Consultants was the first place that I wanted to go to for the counseling services……….Its not just the application, the admissions that go into the process,it’s a lot of other things too that ESBEE has helped me with. Great team, great bunch of people with immense support. Esbee was a great experience……………….
Anirudh Sheshadri – Univ of Southern California – Spring 2012
After having a discouraging outcome for the Fall 2011 application, I was dejected and wasn’t sure about applying again. It was due to your support and confidence that I had the courage to apply for spring 2012. Now, I am glad that so much concern was shown towards my benefit when I, myself wasn’t confident………….I am very much satisfied with my experience with ESBEE and will gladly recommend everyone to know to hold Esbee’s helping hand during their journey towards higher education abroad….
K.R.Suchindran – San Jose State Univ – Spring 2012
My sister suggested that ESBEE is the best consultancy firm in Bangalore and it truly is as what I can say from my experience…The expertise of the entire team is phenomenal……….
Rishu Gupta – Univ of Southern California – Spring 2012
I have always taken pride in the way I handled things as a student, as a daughter, a sister, a friend and a human being. Always an average student, but with big dreams, amazing extra -curricular activities under my hat, lots of work done for social causes. And in my head, I was the perfect girl for an Ivy League School. As expected, I got accepted at Columbia………….Looking back, I have realized that one individual can never grow without someone else opening a door for him/her……. I always knew my destiny and I am ready to take on this exciting journey. But, to even reach this stage, I have gotten so much help from my family, friends and of course ESBEE………….Not many people can say that they have truly lived their dream. Luckily, I am about to live mine. Thank you guys, you have made my dream come true. And I know you will continue with this great work and help a lot more students just like me…
Kusum Ananthaiah – Columbia Univ – Fall 2011
I studied in Ranchi and it was not possible for me to come to Bangalore that often. But, Esbee team did everything possible to help me get into a good university…….My experience, rather journey with Esbee was very memorable…….
Subhiksha Ravisundar – Arisona State Univ – Fall 2011
Since the day I have enrolled till today, they are just a phone call away to answer all our doubts and any queries which is the best part of this organization…………. I had heard about Esbee from few of my friends who have already gone abroad for MS……
Preeti S – Univ of Texas Dallas – 16th July 2011
I got to know about ESBEE through a common friend & fellow Esbee-ite. I came into their office for the first time and was greeted with warmth and sincerity. I was immediately floored by their mix of professional approach & social concern……They followed up every detail meticulously and left nothing to chance……I have been admitted to my target university and I owe a large part of that success to ESBEE’s thorough process…. I now realize, I did not just enroll for ESBEE’s services but their family as well. I am a proud ESBEE-ite…..
Vishok Amar Kumar – Univ of Texas Arlington – Fall 2011
I heard about ESBEE through a family friend of mine…..had been to other consultancies before. But, none of them were as good or as assuring as ESBEE……………..
Keshava G – Wright State Univ – Fall 2011
”Just dial” provided me with names and addresses of a few consultancies. After speaking with all of them, I was somewhat not satisfied with the responses I got. ……”Deepak, whose sister has been in touch with ESBEE told me about this place and spoke about it with high regards. I immediately came over here to the office…..Spoke to my dad and enrolled the very next day……..After that, it has been a smooth ride till the day of my Visa on 11th July 2011………….”
Suhas Ramesh – California State University Long Beach – Fall 2011
I have to admit I was a bit skeptical about joining ESBEE even though my brother had strongly recommended this place for my Visa preparation. This was primarily because I had not seen one advertisement of it in any kind of media, and also that my brother had completed his visa process 4 years back. But then, right from the first time I walked into this place, I was impressed with the way they handled all my doubts and queries…………
Ajay S.Narayan – Univ of California Irvine - 9th Jul - 2011
I was recommended ESBEE’s name by one of my friends and my brother who also took Esbee’s Guidance. Without having a single doubt in my mind, I walked into ESBEE with all the expectations and they lived up to it…………
Sanjay Kulkarni – Auburn Univ - 9th Jul 2011
I think Esbee is a really good consultancy and the team here is awesome. Perfect guidance and follow-up through the entire procedure…and I loved the experience here and can’t thank Esbee enough……
Swathi V. Shenoy – North Carolina State Univ – Fall 2011
Frankly, before this, I had been to other consultants who didn’t seem very promising…The moment I enrolled to ESBEE, the whole team was very co-operative and I was always happy because I was given a chance for my opinion and it would be my decision and they would work accordingly. With no hindrances, the whole process of applying, receiving the I-20, getting my visa cleared happened – everything was picture perfect……”
Gowthami Srinivas Rao – MS in Arch – Miami Univ, Ohio – Fall 2011 (Gowthami was awarded 100% funding from the univ)
The service provided by Esbee Global Consultants is commendable. The staff is very efficient and friendly. They make an effort to cater to each candidate’s needs in a specific and unique manner….
Sontha Sai Nikhil – Johns Hopkins Univ (Pre-Med) – 18th June 2011
I am the second client from my family at ESBEE. That I should obtain visa counseling here was decided almost the moment I decided to study in the US….From previous experience, I was already aware of the thoroughness of their preparation….and with my own experience to count for, I wasn’t disappointed…. Their years of experience, professionalism, flexibility & friendly environment leaves a lot for every student to gain from and leave India with through preparation…I shall always remain glad I came to ESBEE…..It certainly has been as easy for me with ESBEE as it has been for my parents who continue to repose their trust & faith in it for the second time in a row….
Hemalatha D.B - Univ of California Los Angeles - Fall 2010
I came to ESBEE immediately after writing my GRE. They took care of everything – right from choosing the universities to apply to Visa and Pre-departure orientation. Now, here I am sitting with the visa in my hand. I have also got a scholarship of $ 5000 per year which is really helpful…….ESBEE – not only are they extremely professional, the staff is very friendly as well….
Govind B. M - Polytechnic Institute of NYU (NYU Poly) - Fall 2010
I know about ESBEE from my brother (who took guidance 3 years back). The whole approach has been extremely thorough, professional and streamlined. I was pink slipped during my VISA interview, but I did not panic because I was given sufficient information about the same by Esbee…..Overall ESBEE helps to clearly indentify jibs & prioritize the same, instead of getting lost in the details involved in the whole process. Great job!
Raghu Prabhakar – Univ of Californai Los Angeles - 4th Aug 2010
Esbee firmly believed I would come through the whole process from day one – and this belief helped me a LOT…
Tejashree Kuber - RUTGERS – Fall 2010
Excellent service and value for money, very well organized and helpful.
Arun Ramachandra – Rice Univ – Fall 2010
It’s a pleasure for me to write a few words for ESBEE. At first I had been to a lot of other consultancies like………. But all my efforts went in vain as the response from them was not very good. As per the advice from my elder brother, I then came down to ESBEE and trust me, right from the start till the time I received my visa, everything went very smooth……hence, I would recommend all the fellow students to come to ESBEE as for me it’s a “ONE STOP SOLUTION”.
Atif Rahman – Vancouver Island Univ (Canada) – Fall 2010
‘Winning means being unafraid to lose’ – I had read these words a couple of years back. Esbee taught me this. It taught me to think only about winning and that is what I have been doing since then………….Now I know why Esbee is one of the leading consultancies in town…..
Akshaya Mohan – North Dakota State Univ – Fall 2010
“It was great experience while selecting universities at Esbee, as they give valid reasons for which our profile is best suited for specific universities…..”
Dilip Satyanarayana – Marist College – Fall 2010
“Esbee Global Consultants is the best consultant in Bangalore to my knowledge………….
Rama Manjunath Bhat – Arisona State Univ – Fall 2010
“The entire staff at ESBEE are very cordial to being with and I found their affability rather welcoming………Therefore, I without a fleeting moment of thought would recommend ESBEE to any of my friends interested in treading the same path I have….
Milind Kaushik – Texas A & M Univ College Station – Fall 2010
“1. Helpful staff, 2. Sound & timely advice, 3. Respectable treatment – These 3 points are what distinguishes & make an organization and ESBEE provides all 3 of them……”
R.S.Shruthi – SUNY Binghamton – Fall 2010
The best part of ESBEE is their availability. One phone call and your appointment is set for your convenient time. This is so important as I have seen my friends going to other consultants who give an appointment at their own suitable time. Another important quality what I observed is their “PATIENCE”…………….Apart from all these qualities, professionalism and hospitality comes with their package……”
Dr.Pavan Kumar M.S – New York Medical College – 25th May 2010
One thing that impressed me is the fact that I’ve never seen an advertisement of yours in the papers. That shows that the consultancy is well established. ………………
Charles Martin Louis – UTA – Fall 2009
Then I came to Esbee thinking it is just another consultancy in Bangalore. But, only after interacting with people here, I came to know that this was the best consultancy. I knew friends from other consultancy who ended up asking me for help…….
Vivek S.P – Polytechnic Institute of NYU (NYU Poly) – Fall 2009
It’s a pleasure to write about my experiences at Esbee Global Consultants. I was very pleased by the hospitality and promptness here. The guidance given starting from selection of universities, preparing the application materials helped me a lot. I am very happy to say that I got four admits from reputed universities with the help of Esbee Consultants…. I have already referred Esbee to my friends who are aspiring to higher studies in US. I would continue to recommend Esbee to others…….
Harinandan Srinivasa Murthy – Univ of California Santa Barbara – 28th Jul 2009
I was introduced to ESBEE by one of my close friends when I was still wondering if I needed a consultant. But now, after an year of my association with them, I am really happy that I took the right decision………………the punctuality and complete knowledge of the students involved is credible……
Abinav Nagaraj – Univ of Southern California – 28th Jul 2009
Before I came to Esbee, I was lost. A friend took me to some people who could help me ( I had received 10 rejects in fall 08, but wanted to a degree from abroad). Then she brought me to Esbee and I stopped getting sacred! I would like to emphasize here that people behind Esbee are really good. They see through you, right through, at first sight and guide you through, till you are filling a page like this…….Esbee, without you, I wouldn’t be in a position to write this for you….
Partha Pratim Deb - PhD Bioengineering - Clemson University - Fall 2009
I have known ESBEE from the time my sister had come here for her MS to the US. Since then, their levels of commitment & professional advice has been outstanding……….I have recommended ESBEE to a couple of my friends………………….
Prasad A.V – California Lutheran Univ – 28th Jan 2009
Firstly I would like to congratulate ESBEE for setting up such an excellent platform for aspiring students to study abroad. Their professionalism & single- minded approach, I believe, is simply the best. With the aid of a cordial office & helpful and affable staff, of course with their able head Mr. Rao, ESBEE provides services that is simply unpatrolled. I am glad I came to ESBEE for my visa consultation, but at the same time, I am sad that I didn’t get the opportunity to approach them for admission process. Am sure it would have worked wonders for me……….
Naveen R – San Diego State Univ - Spring 2009
I am extremely thrilled with the service the agency provided. It was very convenient when so many people are making sure you are getting into a good university…………”
Deepti Uppala – Bentley College – Fall 2008
I had absolutely no clue about how to apply to universities and other stuff. Then one of my relatives suggested ESBEE…..when I came here and spoke to the staff, I had no doubt in my mind that this is the place from where I wanted to proceed with application process…….As I live in Mysore, most my interaction was through phone and my counselor was equally prompt in replying to all my queries……………
Rohan Suresh – Polytechnic Institute of NYU (NYU Poly) – Fall 2008
I was recommended to ESBEE by my cousin Jayanth who has completed his MS in ASU. From then on, ESBEE has become a second home to me…..One thing that stands out with ESBEE is the systematic way in which they approach any task – be it the (i) application process , (ii) selection of universities (iii) Visa process……………….and ESBEE has to take most of the credit…………
Anirudh Nagesh – Illinois Institute of Technology Chicago – Fall 2008
The sense of warmth that one feels when in contact with ESBEE people is something which differs from others and makes the entire process of applying and getting into universities very easy……….
Rashmi R Bhat – North Carolina State Univ – Fall 2008
The entire experience with ESBEE was a great one from the moment I entered to the moment I am leaving. Seriously everyone here is a living example of “Patience”. Every minute they were there to solve our problems with no complaints…”
Khusboo Gupta – Univ of Southern California – Fall 2008
Well, I have no words to describe the best consultancy ESBEE…they made my day- everyday, from the day I was the student of ESBEE…
Pradhan Nag M.P – Polytechnic Institute of NYU (NYU Poly) – Fall 2008
The main reason behind me joining Esbee was the day I first came to Esbee with my low scores and hardly any hope of doing MS. But after speaking to Mr.Rao, I was confident that he will get me admit in some good university and so I joined him………I managed to get admits in 7 out of 8 univs I had applied to. After consulting him, I decided to join UTD……….
Sunil Bohra – Univ of Texas Dallas – Fall 2008
Be it imparting knowledge or sharing same or helping people for the same cause – all of it is a noble virtue – A virtue being actively practiced by ESBEE GLOBAL CONSULTANTS……….Despite me getting acquainted with the organization pretty late, with apt resources and excellent guidance, I was able to complete all of my application process well before the deadline which would otherwise have been far-fetched, with many other domains requiring my attention….
Sushma S – Univ of North Carolina Charlote – Fall 2008
I am sure that all those who come here will have no difficulty in getting an admission in a good university, and will be filled with confidence by the advice given by team Esbee…………….”
R.Pradeep Kumar – Undergraduate – SUNY Buffalo – Fall 2008
Esbee’s style of working so closely with the students is a big advantage for confused ones like me……………
Divya Dinakar – North Carolina State Univ – Fall 2008
I was referred to Esbee Consultancy by my friend who had specifically mentioned that the people here are sincere, reliable and clear in giving directions. Honestly I found much more than expected & anticipated. Having enrolled here, I learnt to be more organized & methodical in my tasks. The feedback, updates , addressing the issues were handled excellently by my counselor. Mr. Rao took personal interest in finer details and with his precise , lucid and knowledgeable insights guided me perfectly well……….
Aparna Nayak – Polytechnic Institute of NYU (NYU Poly) – Fall 2008
Its more than worth the consultation fee you pay here…….No question goes unanswered here…..The difference is obvious. Come to Esbee and experience it for yourself…………………
Guruprasad Nellore Ramachandra – Univ of Houston, Clear Lake – Spring 2008
It was a truly global experience here. I walked in with zillion questions in my mind. The very first day I was impressed with the organization over here and the individual attention each one got………………. The moment I met Mr. Rao was when I got my enlightenment……………I have never regretted a day at ESBEE except for the long waits.
Puneeth Ramaiah – Univ of Texas Arlington – 6th Aug 2007
My first meeting with Sir at ESBEE was like a son talking to his father in his room because my BE % was not great. Inspite of that, sir encouraged me regarding my decision to do MS & he enriched me with loads of enthusiasm to excel in my TOEFL and GRE which I subsequently did with excellent scores………
Abhilash R. Reddy – Western Michigan Univ - Fall 2007
When I first decided to do my masters abroad, I needed guidance on a full-fledged basis and I know who to turn to: ESBEE GLOBAL CONSULTANTS. Almost every other friend of mine recommended this place and when I came here, I was immediately ………….
Sandeep Prakash Koratagere – North Carolina State Univ – Fall 2007
Last year when I was in the process of applying to universities, I came across a lot of hurdles but Esbee Global Consultants always was there to pull me out of muddy water……
Vinay Kumar – Univ of Texas Dallas – Fall 2007
In the 6th semester of my Engineering course when there was so much on my mind and I didn’t know how, where or when to start applying for universities abroad, my mom’s friend directed me to ESBEE and ever since there has not been a moment of regret for having sought their help for everything……………….It has been a great experience and the contact with ESBEE has been enriching……….
Nikhila Krishnan – Univ of Minnesota, Twin cities – Fall 2007
I’ve had a nice time whenever I’ve come here as I used to get to meet all my old friends with whom I had lost contact………….The way I was been guided through the whole process made it very easy for me to get into my university which makes me suggest my friends join Esbee to make their admissions easy……….
Padmini Nagaraj – Western Michigan Univ - Fall 2007
A sweet and short description what ESBEE stands personally for me: E – Excellent S – Standard B – Brings out the best from me E – Enthralling E – Encouraging …Rao sir has been my guiding force, my mentor and my strength behind my success………….
C. Arjun Singh - Univ Texas Arlington - 20th Jul 2007
I came here quite inexperienced regarding admission process to the US universities. Mr. Rao aptly guided me in selecting the college. It was through his encouragement that I applied to some good colleges and got through……….
Anoop J - Carnegie Mellon University - Fall 2007
Approaching Esbee for my visa counseling was one of the best decisions I made and there is not a slightest doubt in my mind that it made a huge difference………….As my friend says “MS is a 3 year course-the first year is spent in preparation.” My suggestion to all MS aspirants is to join Esbee to receive the best possible preparation for the wonderful two years”
Deepak Vasudeva Rao – Georgia Tech – Fall 2007
Recently I was talking to my friend. He asked me if going to ESBEE made a difference. The answer was an emphatic YES….
Nikhil Umesh Moorthy - Indiana Univ - 15th Jun 2007
I got placed in Raffles Academy Singapore (Nottingham Trent University) …………only after talking to Mr. Rao, I got hope for moving forward. His words were inspiring……. I know that this is my last trump card to buildup my career and I will never lose any opportunity like this……………
Karthik S - Raffles Academy, Singapore - 14th July 2007
I stepped into the consultancy thinking what these people will offer me the college according to my academic performance…………….Finally a day came where I got admit from all the colleges which I applied from ESBEE with a financial aid………….
Vineeth Shetty - Univ of Texas Arlington - Fall 2007
Initially I thought there was absolutely no need to approach a consultancy for my higher studies. Once I was introduced to ESBEE by my cousins, I came to know that there are many hurdles that need to be crossed to get into an university. ESBEE’s professionalism and dedication made me get into a good university and to clear my visa easily……
Santhosh K.V – Arisona State Univ - 5th Dec 2006
Choosing ESBEE Global Consultants is easily one of the best decisions I have ever made. After writing my GRE & TOEFL, I was really confused regarding the selection of universities. I must say that ESBEE made this task a “Walk in the Park”. I must say that universities they helped me shortlist suited perfectly with my profile & area of interest………….
Kumar Guru – Arisona State Univ - 1st Dec 2006
one of the most important decision of my academic career was to entrust my future with ESBEE. There was no two ways about it as the experienced team worked like the well oiled machine that they were and have made my dream a reality…………
Savyasaachi K – Portland State Univ- 24th Aug 2006
The whole experience starting from choosing the right universities to the visa interview has been wonderful………. The Confidence that you gain because of the association with Esbee is the most important thing according to me……….
Sunil B – North Carolina State Univ - 1st Aug 2006
I felt like my family member was helping me out with my admission process. ……This place feels like home. Everyone is always smiling and happy. I love the ambience – its cozy and spacious. When I just stepped into this place, everything felt right. I had been to so many other consultants in Bangalore and Hyderabad. But I never had that feeling in those places. Now after getting my VISA I feel like I made the best choice. The whole process was so well organized and there was absolutely no ambiguity………
Aruna M. K - North Carolina State Univ – 27th Jul 2006
I am very happy to have registered in Esbee & because of that I have landed in a good and well ranked university……………..Thus I would just like to say one thing: “If you dream big and you don’t know which path helps you achieve that dream then ESBEE is that path to success.
Sushma R. Srinivasaiah - Univ of Texas Dallas – 25th Jul 2006
One of my friends pointed to ESBEE Consultants. The first thing that struck me when I entered the office here was the homely kind of atmosphere, the friendly people here. It immediately put me at ease. …………….
Annapoornima Koppad - SUNY Buffalo – 25th Jul 2006
Things really are simpler when you have people with a lot experience guiding you every step of the way…………
Sreedevi Jagannath - Polytechinc Institute of NYU (NYU Poly) - 25th Jul 2006
The admission process was conducted very smoothly. The correspondence done by ESBEE with the university took a lot of burden away from me as I was working then…………….
Nandan M – North Carolina State Unvi - 15th Jul 2006
Finally made...the time spent, the efforts put in, the pains..the aches..guess it was all worth it. …………I can not forget the endless phone calls and meeting I had with my counselor at ESBEE for all those stupid doubts and questions and each time she would reply and clear my doubts with the same enthu and concern she showed on day one…………….
Nikhil Narayan - Univ of Texas at Dallas – 10th Jul 2006
The most striking feature about ESBEE which unfortunately is a rarity nowadays, is their very “humane” way of dealing with people rather than the “business-like” approach that is in vogue….One more impressive thing about ESBEE would be the importance given to detail. Every small thing that can go wrong is given utmost attention……….Your service to student community is yeomen!
Arun Shastry - Kansas State Univ - 8th Jul 2006
I was referred to ESBEE by a friend of mine but unfortunately he did not take up this great opportunity here at ESBEE……………… They know the problem of each student and help them to improve on that….The system & procedure followed here impress not only the sponsors/parents but also the students emotionally………..Never give up is the policy followed………
Rekha B.K – Wright State University - Fall 2006
My bond with ESBEE was established even before I wrote my GRE since my sister also came here when she had to leave to USA. ……………………Mr. Rao has helped me select the best universities that suit my needs………………………the staff here are so dedicated to their work……………….There are few people who are as good, caring as the ESBEE team, so I would like to keep the bondage going…………….
Shwetha – Univ of Southern California – 13th Jul 2004
It was a great experience for me to be associated with ESBEE. The co-operation given by the entire staff right from applying for my admissions till I got my visa was really very affectionate and fulfilling. More than anything it was a homely experience…………..Esbee was always ready and COMMITTED for the SUCCESS of every individual who approached them….” The counseling and advice given by Mr. Rao was so good that I didn’t need to worry at all at any stage of my association with ESBEE and every work done by them was sincere, punctual and would make anyone think that if you have to go to U.S, go to ESBEE first and then to U.S……………………….
Kaushik Bhupendra - Wayne State Univ – 5th July 2004
Before coming to ESBEE, I had been to many other consultants, who just boasted about themselves and their reputation, which I really was very uncomfortable with. Finally through a far friend of mine, I approached Mr. Rao at ESBEE, who gave a list of colleges where I can get an I-20 even before I decided to register for any package. This attitude of Mr. Rao surely made me feel comfortable and I surrendered all my trust on him……………….. I always felt free to ask anything regarding my preparations not because I had paid them, but for the only fact that I was treated with friendly & warm approach………….”
Sanjay Kumar H.C – Wichita State Univ – 29th Jun 2004
Ever ready and ever helpful team of ever smiling people. Thorough professionals and truly great to work with, specially in regards to a life/career altering decision which all students are faced with at this juncture. A very good choice for a good academic consultant!!
Saurav Chakrabarti – IIT Chicago – 23rd Jun 2004
I have found absolute satisfaction with Esbee. There is a slogan put up inside which says “Never…Never Give Up” So is the kind of people in Esbee too. I found deep down care and compassion by everyone at this place. I could see people working single minded …A person needs 5 Ds 1. Discipline, 2. Dedication, 3. Devotion, 4. Determination, but what is all the four Ds without the 5th D i.e 5. Direction which is what I got at Esbee. I am one of the luckiest to be with Esbee……….
Sridhar K.S – Fall 2004
There is no substitute for hard work and determination & these are the words I have learnt a lot from Mr. Rao and the entire team at ESBEE……more than anything it’s the sheer patience & hard work of Esbee that I am writing this piece today. Today when I have come to meet and thank him, there is still a large crowd waiting for his advice & guidance & I know that they will also be writing here in this book someday.
Sandeep Kakade - Wayne State Univ - Fall 2004