“The sense of warmth that one feels when in contact with ESBEE people is something which differs from others...”

Rashmi R. Bhat – NCSU – Fall 2008
“In a simple sentence I can tell – if you walk into ESBEE they make sure in every possible way that you will succeed”

Asha Rani H. C - SFSU - Fall 2010
“The name and recognition which ESBEE has today is because of their dedicated hard-work and realistic approach...”

Devikarani Nagaraja – UTA – Fall 2011
“Please continue to work professionally and transparently like all these years. Your guidance makes students widen...”

Harish Venkateshaiah – Louisiana Tech Univ - Ruston – July 2007
“Esbee Global Consultants is the best consultancy service in Bangalore to my knowledge...”

Rama Manjunath Bhat – ASU – Fall 2010
“...what seemed to be as an uphill task became a cake walk after joining Esbee...”

Gowrav Malur M – Wichita State Univ – Fall 2004
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     Since its inception in 1997, Esbee has always aimed high in terms of service quality in study abroad sector. Today, backed by 20 plus years of experience, we have set an unmatched standard in understanding the student and parents while matching their profile with the best fit university. We at Esbee take pride and enjoy working closely with each and every student in helping them realise their dream of higher study abroad.

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People behind the Team ESBEE:

      Mr. P. M. L. Rao, a Fellow Charted Accountant with over 20 years of Corporate Experience and 20 plus years of Education Abroad experience understands the aspiration of every student. He has travelled extensively to USA, UK, and Singapore to gain information of the study culture, facilities and specific requirements of universities. Esbee’s strength has always been its word of mouth advertisement by satisfied students and their parents who have availed its services in the past.

      Mrs. G. Shashikala, a natural entrepreneur with 20 years of experience in various capacities and roles, is quick to grasp the changing needs and has always been there to ably support Team Esbee in the capacity of Director.

      Mr. Sandeep L Pawar, who has completed his MBA in Marketing and International Business from the USA has brought in the first hand experience. No wonder he is popular amongst the aspiring students! It’s just natural for him to put himself in their shoes while understanding their questions and apprehensions during application and visa processes